Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Back from the Yahoo Merchant Summit

For the last three years I've been going to the Yahoo Merchant Summit.  This is always a fun Summit for me because I really enjoy meeting other internet business owners.  I've met people who make a living selling gun dog supplies, garden decor, dental kits for adults with braces and more.  What's fun is that everyone loves their site and we all learn from each other.

What struck me this year is how connected many site owners are with their customers.  Several owners talked about going the extra mile, small things they do to make their customers happy.  We also talked about using conflict as an opporunity to build a trust relationship with our customers.  I felt happy inside because at National Autism Resources it's all about our customers and our goal is a life long relationship with all of them.

There have been many times when we have had stressed out, angry customers on the line, only to find out they have been dealing with marathon melt downs or horrific IEPs.  Many times I ask if I can pray for them and to this day I have never had anyone tell me no.  I know the feeling of being completely broken and at my wits end.  I know the desperate need for God to come alongside me and carry my burdens...

That's where National Autism Resources is a little different from some of the other internet companies I met with.  So many of our customers are carrying such a heavy load.  It feels good when we can come along side them with an encouraging word and help carry their burdens.  Not every action in business needs to be dollar driven, sometimes its better if its not.

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