Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Why Bother

Why Bother?
One day I figured out that if you took into account all of the reading, writing and traveling I've done over the years I've been working for less than minimum wage at National Autism Resources.  There are now many more autism stores and sites out there.  New ones pop up every day...

Sometimes, actually many times lately, I ask myself - why bother!?  Do you ever just stop and look out the window and wonder if what you are doing matters?  if I stopped would anyone care?

It's worth it!
But then I get a note like this:

Ashley put his noise reduction ear muffs on 
and immediately said, "these feel good".  
The amazing part of this story is that 
Ashley is still considered non-verbal!
 How great is that!  Ashley is the reason why I bother.

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