Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Secret is Out...

No yesterdays are ever wasted for those who give themselves to today. ~Brendan Francis I read this quote and loved it. As stated before I've been working on a secret project... well the time has come to reveal it:
National Autism Resources

Yep I'm expanding my company to sell only the tried and true inexpensive, easy to use, durable toys, fidgets, games and books for families who have a member on the spectrum.

So friends have been giving me advice like don't tell people you have depression. (Ooooops I did it I know I'm going to see e-mails...) Yes I suffer from depression, so much so that I start my day every day with what I like to call "Vitamin P" better known as Prozac.

Friends have also said don't talk so much about religion. Well I agree I won't talk about religion, I'll just keep talking about the most fascinating relationship in my life, my friendship with Jesus.

I am no super Mom, there are many a day I want to retreat to Mexico for a month... I will not portray myself as anything except who I am. So if people are turned off to my company because of preconceived notions of what a person of faith is like, or because I suffer from a "mental illness" all I can say is I wish them well. However, I will stay uncensored and honest.


The Glasers said...

I am so glad you will keep posting about your best friend and facing depression! :-) Life is real. We have to deal with it as is!!!!!

Plus you'd have to change the name of your blog and delete faith--how sad that would be.

Casdok said...

Congratulations on expanding your company. Sounds exciting! And please do look me up if you want to come over here!!

Angela said...

Amen to that!! As a medicated, but happier, member of society who loves Jesus also I just wanted to tell you CONGRATS and good luck!

Shawn said...

You are lookin' hot, momma! I agree with your post - staying real is the only way! Miss ya!

Audrey said...

Congrats on the go-live with the store, it looks great!!! And yes, honesty is always the best policy.

Stay true to who you are... that includes your faith!

Just wanted to add the comment and say I'm so excited for you and the site going live!