Monday, September 15, 2008


GA, my youngest, has become so frustrated w/ G lately. She wants to meet with other siblings to find out how they deal with it. I've heard many a story from older siblings who become very protective of their younger siblings, but thats not our situation. My daughter is younger than my son, but has become socially more mature. Now that she is in middle school she is very self conscious and very aware of socially awkward situations.

So I've been looking for sibling support groups, and guess what none exist. Sooooo I'm thinking of organizing one. I'm tired of starting something new. Kick, scream, cry, punch the wall... OK I got it out. I love both my kids, it will help others, and it looks like no one else is going to do it, so wish me luck! All I need to find is a facilitator I can't do it, I might start crying I'm a wimp.


Anonymous said...

I say go for it! You have a lot of supporters to help with content. At least from me. You've already been through my age stage. But it is freshly noted!

The Glasers said...

Homeschooling helped ease that tension because David did not have to talk to his friends about Pamela, one on one. Plus, he did not have the added pressure of what to do if kids picked on her since she was homeschooled, too.

Maybe being the typical brother is easier because it feels more natural to be protective about his sister. If she ever needs to email a sibling dealing with these issues, feel free to email us. David (now 16 yo) is comfortable talking about these things.

Anonymous said...

My oldest is starting to become difficult with her sister. It can be hard to juggle their very differing needs.

We have a great sibling support group here in Australia -

You might find some ideas and stuff there.

Anonymous said...

FYI - wanted to let you know I put a link to your sensory book on my blog. Hope that is OK. If it is not let me know and I'll delete it.

Jennifer said...

I am glad you are writing this. I am already seeing areas where dd is more social adept than her big brother and I suspect we are headed down this road too.