Saturday, March 21, 2009

Mini Conference in Concord

I had the pleasure of speaking in my hometown of Concord CA. The group I spoke to were all parents and it was such fun. The only problem (as usual) is we didn't have enough time to talk together and swap ideas. I spoke about Fun Sensory Activities based on my book.

Afterwards I had a table set up and sold some of our products. I had no helper because the Hubbo hurt his back. So it was a little hectic, but over all everything went fine. Our two big sellers today were....

The Moody Face, which in my HMO is an awesome stress ball w/ Koosh style hair.
I demoed one of my all time favorite sensory products Insta-Snow aka Suddenly Snow

Afterwards I came home and found out G had a 102.7F fever. Poor guy he was so miserable. I wanted to go to church tonight, but we stayed home and took care of G instead. I hope I can catch a service tomorrow, its been awhile since I've been able to go.

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Katherine said...

If you don't make it in the a.m., you should join us for evening service.