Tuesday, May 5, 2009

G Won Another Art Contest

G came in fourth place in the Mt Diablo Peace and Justice Center's Peace Through Art and Writing Challenge. We went to an award dinner on Saturday May 2nd and saw all of the art projects. The picture above is the one that won.

We didn't know ahead of time that they would ask each artist to come up and explain their art project. I didn't prepare G, but he watched others explain their picture. By the time it was his turn he was so excited that he went right up front and talked about his picture. He did a great job, I was sooooo proud!
Hard work, lots of love and encouragement make a difference. Let's keep supporting our kids!


The Glasers said...

What a stunning picture!!!! Congratulations and Snoopy dancing are in order!!!!

Eileen said...

Looks great! Good artwork and a speech, too! Great job!

Cactus_Eric said...

Great Art Work. Should open up a Gallery. Congratulations.