Tuesday, May 26, 2009


OK last week I finally did it I got my first Mammogram. Let me just say instead of mammogram they should call it mam-o-grab! The technician grabbed my mammies and did things with them I didn't think were possible!!!

Just kidding - ladies take a deep breath - it wasn't that bad. My Kaiser Tech Sheila was awesome, very friendly which made the whole process much more bearable. It turns out she has a nephew with autism and it was somewhat nice chatting with her given our unusual setting...

I had put off my mammogram, as usual I was too busy taking care of other things instead of taking care of myself. The good new is everything is all clear. That got me thinking though, what if it wasn't? I would have kicked myself for not doing it sooner. These really are important my grandmother died at 43 from breast cancer. So if you are a woman over 40 as the old Nike saying goes... Just do it!

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