Monday, October 4, 2010

Fighting for Geometry

Sometimes on the inside I just want to scream. You can look at me I look calm, I talk intelligently, but on the inside my mind is going crazy. This happened at my son's latest IEP. His math teacher didn't want to put G in regular Geometry. G had a B- the last semester of Algebra and he didn't want to put G in regular Geometry? When I asked him why, he said that he didn't think G could "handle it."

As soon as I heard that a slew of curse words went running through my mind, I could feel my muscles tense up, and I had to take a deep breath because I wanted to take that teacher by his tie and string him up!

Its time like these I have inner wars with myself. I'm suppose to love my enemies according to the teachings of Jesus. Enemies against me and what I want to do I can handle that, but when I perceive someone as against my son...

I'll be honest I wasn't kind, I wasn't very civil, but I didn't lash out. Instead I asked if anyone else with a B average had to take remedial Geometry?

"No, but that's not the point. I don't think he can handle it."

With a slew of obscenities flying through my mind, I prayed God please help me because I want this guy to go down. Then I said, "I think my son deserves the same opportunities as any other student. I'm not asking for special accommodations, a tutor, or exceptions. I'm just asking you to treat him like anyone else. I'll never sign an IEP that I feel violates my son's rights."

At this point the administrator broke in and said something like of course G could go into regular Geometry and if we need to switch classes mid semester we can look at it. To be honest I can't remember exact words because I was in a blur, trying to hold myself together, trying not to give the math teacher the evil eye, trying to be like Jesus.

Then the meeting was over, I got what I felt G needed, and everyone seemed fine. I'm glad I didn't burn another bridge. I know this might sound crazy, but I don't feel angry towards the math teacher I just feel peaceful.


The Glasers said...

I don't understand this. When I meet folks who are not into math, they did well at algebra or geometry, but not both. Pamela is taking a pre-algebra program that is primarily geometry in that she does a lot of drawing and looking for patterns, and in that work, she gets exposed to concepts from geometry. She is loving this right now. (It's Right Start Intermediate Math ).

Way to go at keeping calm! I would have been equally ticked.

Katherine said...

Sounds like you handled it well. =)

The teacher's statement makes me wonder, what specific reason did they have for believing that way? For example, are there social or class structure issues that the teacher was concerned about, that aren't reflected in an academic evaluation? And did they think his B- was a true reflection of his abilities or was the school being "generous"? If so, these would be alternative things to address...

I would expect that everyone on the team wants G to succeed, but that it takes some good discussion to come to the same expectation of what that would look like!

ps - It's great to hear of his successes! He is so lucky to have you for a mama!