Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Being Loved

So as stated below my homework has been to find pleasure. I am happy to announce that I did read the Sunday paper w/ my donut in hand and it was nice. However, I am learning about a deeper pleasure a deeper joy. The joy I have started learning about is being loved when I am completely unlovely.

I have not been myself lately. I have been forgetful, short with my kids and husband, procrastinating and more. Yet, in the midst of this my husband has shown me such a deep kindness. For example, last night he was tired, yet he sat on the couch next to me and just put his head up against mine. Now usually when he does this, it means he is hoping for something... However, last night he just wanted to be next to me.

It reminded me of this quote:
"To be loved when we are feeling lovable- that's good. To be loved when we are feeling unlovely, unlovable- that's life to someone who's dying. That's grace."
-John Ortberg

This brings me to another quote:
"How great is the love the Father has lavished on us"
1 John 3:1
I'm overwhelmed with the idea of "lavish" love. Love that is given to us not because we deserve it, but because we are treasured. Love that doesn't keep track of all of the good things you have done for the day. Instead, a love that loves, simply because you are you. A love that loves even if the only thing you can do is keep breathing. That's the kind of lavish love Jesus has for us. It was wonderful to receive that kind of love from my husband.


Shawn said...

This was really good for me to read today...thanks!

A Bishops wife said...

This is really sweet.

Jen P said...

I'm jealous. =o)

Anonymous said...

I loved your analysis on love. Thank you for sharing it :)

Elissa said...

What a really beautiful post - thanks for sharing such touching words and giving a 'lift' to my day!

Marla Fauchier Baltes said...

I am totally forgetful lately too. I am glad I found your blog. I am enjoying it.