Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Homeschooling in California

Well a lot happened last week. I had an IEP. Some were surprised because I homeschool. I am homeschooling through a charter school which receives public funding. This allows G to continue to receive speech therapy as well as consultation with a learning specialist.

At the IEP the school psychologist asked me "are you sure this is the right placement for your son?" It was all I could do not to bean her with a paper wad... of course I think its the best placement if I didn't, he would be at public school. How would you feel having a total stranger question your parenting decisions???

Anyhow, G has made huge improvements this year and the SLP let everyone know it. So long story short I can still homeschool.

THEN a California judge decided that everyone who homeschools needs to be under a private or public credentialed teacher. Because CA is of course known for its excellent schools... This week a lawyer reviewed the status of our charter and we are within legal limits for now.


Casdok said...

Glad you can still homeschool. That showed them!!!

Elissa said...

Yes, so glad the homeschooling is still okay!
And well done to you all with G's great improvements this year!!

The Glasers said...

The governator, Focus on the Family, HSLDA (and the 226,382 people who have signed their online petition), and even California's state superintendent of education are all behind you and G!!!!!!!!!

FXSmom said...

Glad you can keep his placement. I would have responded to the psych's question with, "Ar you sure you didn't get your degree out of a ceral box?" I have no patience for "stupid" people.

A Bishops wife said...

I hope all continues to go well with this. I just can not hardley believe it. It is an outrage--really.

We are so fortunate as Illinois has very good and easy "home school" laws.....but one must always ask "for how long"?

Keep us posted. You are in my prayers.

Shawn said...

Good job mom!!

Marita said...

Catch! I've flung some blog bling your way :smile:

I'm so sorry you've been having drama's with the legal stuff and home schooling. What a nightmare for you.

fragilemom said...

Found your blog on Fragile What? blogroll.

I recently heard about this ridiculous ruling! Sounds like they're trying to scare parents away from homeschooling. Guess these 'smart' ones (who probably don't have special needs kiddos that need more than a public school can sometimes provide) think SAHM have all the time in the world to go out and spend more time doing classes, etc. Sorry, don't mean to sound do cynical or cruel. I suppose if that ever hit Texas I'd be in good shape since I taught before having children.

Hang in there! You're an inspiration.

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Angela said...

As a homeschooling mom to an ASD child this is always one of my greatest fears. I always feel like screaming 'step off of my parental rights!' Glad to hear it all went well for you! (There's no place like home!)