Monday, April 7, 2008

Girl Survival Skills

My daughter is getting ready to start Junior High. This weekend we talked about the complex social interactions of preteen girls... I thought raising a boy on the spectrum was tough, after last night I want a time machine to warp me past the next five years!!!

Anyhow GA then produced from the library a group of phenomenal books:

  • The Girl's Help Guide
  • The Smart Girls Guide to Tricky Situations
  • The Smart Girls Guide to Junior High
  • plus a few more.
WOW! I wish those books would've been around when I started JH! I was so excited I went online to find the boy versions of these types of books... I found one that sounds interesting "No BO." I'll let you know how it is when I get it.

So I'm still looking for the heartfelt boys guide to friendship, when you find it let me know.


Casdok said...

There certainly are some fab books around these days.

All the best for Junior High!!

Marita said...

Some good books there.

I'm really not looking forward to getting either of my girls through high school. Teenage girls can be vicious and I worry for Heidi being 'different' will single her out for unwanted attention.