Thursday, May 29, 2008

Warmline Last Night

Last night I had the pleasure of speaking to Warmline. It was a small group of mostly parents. My buddy Bev drove me up (she's my secret twin, separated by 30 years). It was great to speak somewhat close to home! I left in the afternoon and was back late that same night. I met a woman named Nandini who looked so familiar. We both graduated from UC Davis I was 1990, she graduated in 1999! 1999?! I was married with two kids by 1999... I'm thinking about age here and there as I will turn 40 in September. I can't believe I'll turn 40, I still don't feel like a grown up!


Anonymous said...

I know for sure I'll still feel like a kid at 40...I'm good with that :)

Casdok said...

I cant believe i have passed 40 and still resisting growing up but my body is having other ideas!

The Glasers said...

40? That's young!!!!! (I'm 44.)