Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Kit-Kat 2

Well I am happy to report that KK is still alive. She ended up in the hospital again, was released again, and now at least she has her medication. There are about eight homeless people that live behind the Jiffy Lube not too far from my house. I always thought there was room for these people somewhere if they would accept help. I've since found out that if you are a single homeless person there are not enough beds for you. I also read the other day that the county I live in is looking at closing three more shelters.

A Bishops Wife asked what does the church do? That is such a good question, I've been thinking about that... We give money to shelters or we volunteer once a month to feed the homeless. These things are good, but they are also very convenient and safe. I've done this for years and because I did I gave myself permission to ignore the homeless in my neighborhood.

This question also spurred me to contemplate what is the church. What do we mean when we say "church?" On Sunday morning many of us drive to various church buildings and worship with a group of people. However, when people say "what is the church doing" they are not referring to a building they are referring to the people in the building. I often expect the leaders and/or pastors of these groups to "do something." As I read the scriptures it is clear that God does not view the "church" as a building, but as individual people who believe in Him. Could this mean then that instead of relying on the church leaders to do something, I as an individual of the church am responsible to do more than just write a check? If so when I ask "what is the church doing???" I'm really asking what am I doing? The truth is I have not been doing anything for far too long, writing a check is easier, and I don't want to add another "thing" to my life...


Katherine said...

Great post, Bonnie!

Thanks for your transparency on this issue. I think we are definitely all responsible to help whoever God puts in our path... I definitely have not been doing what I could be, and that's a challenge to me.

Thank you.

FXSmom said...

I worked as a church secretary for a long time.

There was a city committee that involved all the various religious organizations, authorities, nonprofits etc. They made a system to help people get on their feet.

They also charted those who were chronic beggars. They didn't want on their feet.

People came into the church office all the time and we helped a lot of people out. We never cut a check directly. But we would cut a check to a utility company or a grocerty store or whatever they needed.

We helped with medicine, gas, rent, utilities, food, daycare, prescriptions, you name it. If it was essential we tried to help.

Angela said...

I was just thinking about this very thing today... great post!

Elissa - Managing Autism said...

Wow, what a powerful realisation... a great post, Bonnie, something for us all to remember. xx

A Bishops Wife said...

Bless your heart!