Wednesday, February 24, 2010

It's Friday

It's Friday and I can't believe next week we start March! As many of you may know my Mom was in a terrible car accident last July. (The same weekend my family moved to Benicia, CA.) She had a tire blow out on the free way and rolled her car seven times. She was in the hospital until mid November.

From November until two weeks ago she lived with me. and we went to therapy 3-5 times a week. It was exhausting, but now she can walk, dress herself, take a shower by herself. I am so grateful to God for bringing her through this!
Last week I took her down to Southern California to stay with my brother. So all of the sudden I have more free time.
I'm thankful for the break but I miss her.
I'm in a new city and all of the sudden I feel like a fish out of water.


TheRextras said...

I get how you feel. Keeping several generations of a family in the same city is sometimes just not possible. My next post will only hint at your situation today, but I hope you will come back. Thanks so much for commenting today. Barbara

Bonnie said...

Thanks for the nice comment Barbara I'll visit again!