Thursday, April 22, 2010

House Search Blues

Well as I've mentioned for awhile now my husband and I are looking to buy a home. We have even written a nice letters hoping they will make a difference.

Here is the last one I wrote:

Hello! My name is Bonnie and my husband's name is Geoff. I was born and raised in Southern CA and graduated from UC Davis in 1990. My husband served in the Navy from 1984-1989. He went on to become an aircraft mechanic and worked his way up and is now the Director of Maintenance for Bridgeford Flying Services in Napa CA. We have two kids our son G is 14 and our daughter GA is 12.

When our son was three, he was diagnosed with autism. At that time almost no one new about autism, and we had a lot to learn. While our friends bought houses and advanced in their careers we spent all of our time, money, and energy on therapy to help him learn to talk and interact with the world. He is 14 now and doing well at BHS, we are very proud of him. In 2008 we launched National Autism Resources to help other parents affected by autism. We answer questions from parents all over the country and sell inexpensive products to help kids with autism.

We have been renting in Benicia and are excited to finally buy our first home. We hope to have a place that we can raise our kids and depending on our son’s abilities, take care of him for the long run. We will need to change a few things in the home to make it work for our family, but, we love what you have done to it. The antique furniture and wood floors are exceptionally beautiful to us.

We hope that you will consider our offer, and we hope to meet you in person soon.

Now after reading that wouldn't you want to sell to us?

Even with our nice letters we still can't seem to get a house! Two things keep happening: people with cash, come in and buy the houses cheaper than what we offer. Banks selling the homes don't want to deal with VA loans. So here we are still waiting. We put another offer in yesterday we'll see what happens!

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Katherine said...

Hang in there, Bonnie! We only got declined once, and that seemed like it dragged the process out forrreeevverrrrrr... It will definitely happen at the right time and place. Now that we are in our home, I am so thankful we are here and not at the first place. Good luck!