Thursday, April 8, 2010

Just for Fun - Win a Dilly Pack

Hi Friends just for fun you can win a Dilly pack. A few weeks ago I answered some questions on a Face Book page and won a Dilly pack. It's nice but designed for a preschool/ early elementary age child. So would you like to win it? Go to the National Autism Resources Face Book page and click on the Discussions tab. Then write one sentence about you. A couple of friends and I will check back in a week and choose the sentence we like best. Then we'll share the sentence with everyone and send out the Dilly pack.

Do any of my blog buddies want to help me judge the contest?

1 comment:

Chynna said...

How FUN, Bonnie!

We still have preschoolers in our house. One sentence, huh? Hm. Maybe I'd do better with Judging. HA!!!