Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Spit and Mud

One of my favorite passages in the Bible is John 9. It's the story of a blind man who receives his sight. Jesus breaks "the law" by healing the man on the Sabbath, which is suppose to be a day of rest. Later the leaders find out about it and bring the former blind man in to investigate the matter. As they question him all he can say is, "look I use to be blind and this guy named Jesus spit on the ground, smeared mud in my eyes, and now I see."

This doesn't seem like the way God should work. It's not "spiritual" it involves spit, mud, breaking the law, and healing. However, Jesus shows us that he could care less about being "proper." He'll meet a beggar and break the law because love causes Him to get dirty.

So often I try to clean myself up. I try to act like I've got it all together when really I don't. I get depressed, and sometimes I'm blinded by challenges I'm faced with. The truth is if I'm honest with myself I rarely "have it together." I'm constantly coming back to Jesus looking for some more spit and mud. How can I explain this to people who haven't encountered Jesus? I'm not sure, all I can say over and over again is I use to be blind but now I see. Or better yet, come on over, the mud is great...


The Glasers said...

There is PLENTY of mud and spit over here when I have my pity parties, especially spit! :-)

Elissa said...

I totally understand the 'not having it together' thing!

I think there is always a light, we just have to find it (and yes, it is often the hardest thing to do!).

Take care