Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Healed from Autism

Can I just say I'm frustrated. I'm frustrated by all of the "miracle" cures of kids overcoming autism and being cured. I guess I'm frustrated because that is not my story, and to be honest I have not met anyone yet who has a child that has been "cured."

I've met many, many, many parents who can attest that various supplements and special diets have made a big difference in their child's lives. We have had tremendous success w/ supplements as well. However, again I've met none that would claim their child is healed. Yet that seems to be the mantra in the news.

Am I just not well enough informed?

Have I been traveling in the wrong circles?

Am I too isolated?

I also am at the point, that I don't want to "cure" my son. He is a fascinating person with tremendous potential who would want to cure that? Also, he does have some challenges, but who doesn't? Finally, he is well on his way to becoming a happy, independent individual, what more could I want for him?

Am I naive or just crazy?

I don't know...


JoyMama said...

Naive? Crazy? Not a bit of it.

The news media likes miracle stories, and controversy too -- and if neither the miracle or controversy is quite big enough, then a little stretching can help boost the headlines.

Autism cures are a two-fer, miracle and controversy in one swell foop...

I don't know anyone who has been "cured" either.

The Glasers said...

We got off the cure autism roller coaster ages a goal. My goal is improving quality of life. Diet, sensory integration, and RDI have all improved our quality of life! :-)

farmwifetwo said...

My eldest is technically "cured" if you go by those that claim their children were "cured" definition. Thing is... now the Learning disability is stronger than the autism behaviours etc.

He never has flapped, but has and if really annoyed still head bangs.

He still has delayed social skills although people just give him a look and shrudge it off.

But he still has a learning disability. For him it's the inability to "walk and chew gum" at the same time... to make a long story short.

They are never "cured"... even the one's with NLD. He's simply been educated, academically, socially and behaviourally.


Anonymous said...

I'm with the others...there is no actual cure. There is help for the symptoms but it is always there.

Casdok said...

Neither! I havent met anyone who has been cured either.

Elizabeth Channel said...


LAA and Family said...

I can so relate to this feeling that you shared here. I've been frustrated having to face Jenny McCarthy's face on People magazine this week and her "cure" story. I'm happy for the success she has had in dealing with her son's problems, but I really wonder if what they had to deal with was autism.

In any case, I don't like that she represents her story as some kind of model for all of us to follow.