Sunday, July 15, 2007

Back from Autism Society Conference

I'm back from the conference and it was AWESOME! I have so much fun stuff to blog on where do I start?!
I got to meet up with Temple Grandin again, which was fun we both chatted about HOW IMPORTANT it is to address sensory issues for people on the spectrum. It was a bummer that there were only two sensory talks for the whole conference. My talk was well attended and a lot of fun. I was fighting off a cold, but we still had a great time.

I found tons of incredible products and this week I will set up some new links on my website. I have ordered two things from South Paw products including Moon Sand, and "Snow" this stuff is incredibly awesome. As soon as it comes in I will post pictures.

My family misses me so I have to go now, but more to come soon!

Coffee I am currently enjoying: Peerless Coffee's French Roast, not bad!

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