Monday, July 23, 2007

The Great Star Wars Party is Coming

I have been all over town today visiting countless dollar stores inumberable discount and party centers looking for one thing, one thing I tell you: a balloon punching ball. Finally, I found one: at the grocery store *ONE* block from my house! >:-(

Why the insanity you ask? The great Star Wars party is coming this Friday night. G is turning 12 and he has created a fabulous agenda for his party, which happens to include a "Death Star" pinata. You see a regular "oval" shaped balloon would not work for the pinata since, as G so fervently kept on stating, "everyone knows the Death Star is not oval it is round." Along with the pinata there will be incredible party games including a Jedi challenge, hit the water balloon with the light saber, a proton torpedo toss and more.

The food is what will be really interesting we will be eating saber dogs, sith speeders, a mustafar cake and possibly Wookie cookies (we are still negotiating).

If I make it to Friday I promise to post some pictures...

Coffee I am currently enjoying Seattle's Best Decaf House Blend.

1 comment:

Katherine said...

Saber dogs sound great... hairy cookies, hmm, I might have to pass.

If you didn't find the round balloon, you could have always gone with a big dodgeball... It might not be breakable, but would provide hours of entertainment!

(maybe this is why people don't ask ME to plan their birthday parties!)