Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Hair Twirling

Well we've got a new issue going. My son has been growing his hair out. This is great because his peers all have longer hair so he is noticing the trend and wanting to fit in. I was so happy about this b/c usually he could care less what others are up to. However, now G is in the habit of twirling the hair on the back of his head. He is twirling it so much it is creating a bald spot. So the last few days have consisted of me constantly saying "G please don't touch your hair." He is getting frustraited AND SO AM I!!! So now when I remind him he is yelling "OK" or "I WASN'T" (now why would I want to provoke him? I mean honestly I love him and I love peace and quiet and sanity...)

Anyhow, I'm reminding him that I don't yell at him and I would like him not to yell at me. I'm encouraging him to keep a fidget in his pocket. This morning I helped him fix his hair and I plastered it with hair gel and that seems to be helping. He looks like he's got helmet hair but hey if it works I'd rather have this than male pattered baldness at 12!

On a lighter note, coffee I am currently enjoying is Starbucks Decaff House Blend I don't want to add anymore caffine to my nerves... >:-l

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