Monday, July 30, 2007

What I learned at the Dentist's office

I went to the dentist office this morning with the kids. Visits like this always lead to interesting reading adventures because I am forced to read lots of stuff I normally wouldn't. The reason this happens is because I usually forget to bring my own book.

So I learned today that according to Redbook magazine, you can become even, "bigger for your big life." How do you do that? Well it's easy you just make your lips, hair and boobs look bigger. There you have it- a bigger life. Speaking of hmmm boobs, breasts, I'm not sure of the pc term for the sisters... Anyway, there has been quite a bit of controversy swirling around because someone wrote about Hillary Clinton's cleavage. Outrageous, yes, but will she use this to get sympathy votes???

Then I read the following quote, "Maybe you can't prove God in a tube, but you can find him in your soul. When he's missing, you can feel it in your gut." Shortly after reading that my kids came out. They had no cavities but I had a headache.

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mcewen said...

Well that's just typical! I nip along for a friendly get together and what do I find? Dentists! Is there no escape.
Nice theory on getting a 'bigger' life!