Wednesday, August 1, 2007

The famous "Louise" visits

Today was exciting I got my house clean (an amazing feat) and had a visit with "Louise." "Louise" among other things she is a fabulous photographer. Just look at the back cover of my book, she took the pic. (Although she hates the way the picture turned out after the book was published, but back to Louise...) Louise also is a nanny to two other children besides her own, does all this volunteer work and then complains when she doesn't have a "productive" day. Hey my house is clean and I blow dried my hair I'm really impressed with myself, but I guess I have different ideas of what constitutes productive. ;-P

Coffee I am currently enjoying: Seattle's Best Blend.


caljoy said...

Please tell "Louise" hi from me.
We've missed not seeing you. How did G's party go? Was the force with him? Cute idea.
miss joy

Bonnie Arnwine said...

I'll tell "Louise."
The force was with G's party! I need to post pictures, I'm just not sure which ones.