Friday, August 10, 2007

Thank God Love is Blind

Well it is Friday night, so I figured I would beautify myself and put on some makeup. The only problem is when I took off my glasses I couldn't see properly to apply it. I have prism lenses which means when the glasses go off, then usually one eye needs to close for me to focus. Since I am approaching the big 40 it has gotten much worse. So tonight I stood looking in a mirror closing one eye but trying to watch through the eye I was applying the mascara to. I would stroke, put on my glasses, inspect, then stroke again. Several clumps later I decided good enough was, well, good enough. Thank God love is blind because the hubbo didn't even notice and yet he still said he loved me.


mcewen said...

Well good for you dearie - the last time I tried to apply make-up with the bifocals, the stripe on my nose gave the game away - but nobody notices around here anyway.
best wishes

kristen said...

okay, two words: magnifying mirror. Try it.