Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Play Dough is Overrated

We've been playing with Moon Sand lately at our house. G brought out the Lego's and played for over an hour today. Why I don't bring it out more often, I don't know. To be honest I forgot about this stuff until I went to the ASA conference. Southpaw Enterprises had a big bin of Moon Sand and they were selling the container that G is using. The cool thing about the container is that it blows up, folds up, is very portable and has a Velcro lid. So its easy to pull out and easy to store. The downside is it costs around $15 and if your kid bites into it, then its over. (when G was younger he loved to bite any kind of blow up toy...)
Moon Sand has many of the same characteristics of play dough but:

1. It does not dry out.

2. It does not smash into your carpet, furniture or kid's clothes.

3. You can sanitize it by just spraying it with bleach water and letting it dry.

4. It is very easy to clean up.
Given all of the above I'm done with play dough!


Jennifer said...

We made homemade playdough with wheat flour which made it very "bumpy" as opposed to white flour which makes it smooth. We've been eyeing the Moon Sand though. Glad to know that it does what the commercial says it does!

Anonymous said...

I was if this stuff was any good. Glad to hear from a mom in the trenches who has tried it out!