Friday, August 31, 2007

Good Quote

As I've been reading Love Beyond Reason, I keep coming across interesting passages. I've been thinking about this one on and off since I read it:

"Here is one of the fundamental ways to distinguish between Jesus' way of life and that of the religious leaders. For them, the more spiritual they became the less approachable they were. But with Jesus, it was just the opposite. Jesus had the kind of profound "differentness" that drew people to him. The Pharisees had the kind of superficial differentness that pushed people away.

When I was growing up I often thought that the more "spiritual" a person was, the more unapproachable they were, that holiness involved a certain rigidity and sternness and distance.

But in Jesus we see that true spirituality always makes a person more approachable, not less. That's why it is worth reflecting on this : Jesus is the most approachable human being that ever lived."

Lepers, prostitutes, thieves, common people, rich young rulers... Jesus interacted with them all. Am I becoming more or less approachable? That is something to really ponder...

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