Monday, August 27, 2007


Today I am happy to report that my house is clean. Not because I've been running around picking up, its clean because my kids cleaned it. They now, sweep, dust, wash windows, wipe down the bathroom, wash my car and empty the trash.

I've learned a few things about kids and chores. First of all I have to let go of perfection. Second of all I need to increase the frequency of the chores. For example, when they sweep the floor it isn't done perfectly. However, that's OK because I will have them sweep the floor the next day. The same with the bathroom. I now have my kids wipe down the bathroom with a Clorox wipe everyday. Since they wipe down the bathroom everyday it doesn't ever get really dirty. I only have to do a deep cleaning once every couple weeks. (RHAM clued me in on this one.)

Also, since I'm happy if they do their best effort now I end up saying thank you. Before I would clean behind them and end up doing it myself. This ended up being more work for me and they didn't put in much effort.

The chore thing picked up after my surgery, because I couldn't do a lot of things. I couldn't bend, lift, squat or pick up anything over five pounds. So I had to rely on my kids. Now they are a great help and I have time to write. I could kick myself for not starting this sooner! LOL!

So today my kids did a variety of chores and before I knew it the whole house was clean. Life is good.


kristen said...

I'm curious--how old were your kids when they started helping out? My son will be six in about a month, and I've been trying to figure out what little responsibilities he can handle around the house, but I wonder if he's too young to care about the whole chores/allowance thing...

Just getting him to clean his room and put his toys away without help is more effort than it's worth. I must be doing something wrong.

Katherine said...

Little people that clean your house for you? Maybe that's a good incentive to start having some kids! ;)

ps - I've been doing chores as long as I can remember - I had to accomplish a certain number of things before I could enjoy privileges such as going to my friend's house, etc. When I got to junior high, I had to start doing my own laundry. If I wanted clean clothes, I had to do it myself. As a younger child I learned that cleaning my room was a necessary responsibility - if I refused to do it myself, my parents would 'clean' for me, and whatever they picked up off the floor would be off limits to me for two weeks. No kid is going to enjoy doing chores, but I'm glad now that I learned how to do those things and take responsibility for myself!

Anonymous said...

Every day chores...what a concept. I now feel dumb. I'm revising the chore chart.

Anonymous said...

My eldest was 6 when he started taking out the recycling before school. He now takes the compost to the cows, recycling, picks up his own wrappers, puts his dishes at the sink and whatever other odd job I can find.

Now that the little one is starting Gr 1 I need to find him some "chores" not just picking up stuff... like the books he emptied from the cabinet yesterday.