Wednesday, August 8, 2007

Guilty Again

G is starting adolescence and it is apparent we are moving into new territory and are facing new issues. This has been a source of concern so I have been looking for ways to help him. I was delighted to find out Kaiser offers support services for families like us, so I made an appointment.

I went to Kaiser today and spent two hours talking about options for G. I was excited because here is another avenue for information and help. However, as I was driving home a slow curtain of dread began to cover me. The therapist recommended several books, which means I need to read them. She recommended several agencies that could be of help, which means I've got to contact them. She also recommended a new round of evaluations that I need to set up...

By the time I got home I didn't want to do anything. Have you ever felt burned out, and then felt guilty because you we're burned out? I love my son, but sometimes the a-word seems all consuming. So I'm looking at the stack of stuff I need to go through right now... I'll read through it... order some books... start calling... tomorrow... I promise.


FXSmom said...

I have felt burned out like that. All I keep thinking is, "it's too much!" Then I feel like a lazy slob because I just can't get with it. Especially phone calls. I've been putting off this one phone call for a week now. I know tomorrow it D-day. I have to make that call. But, ugh, I just don't want to!!

Nina Liakos said...

I could never homeschool my daughter. I am in awe of parents who homeschool. Just helping my daughter with her homework is a daunting task. She depends on me for everything. Her teachers swear she is more independent at school but at home she is passive (maybe passive-aggressive). None of it makes sense to her, so she shuts down, or (sometimes) explodes.

I totally understand how you kind of lost your motivation as you were driving home. It can be overwhelming. I do less than many other parents and sometimes I feel guilty about that, but I do what I can and I have to live with that.