Wednesday, August 27, 2008

First Day of School

This picture was too funny to pass up! Well if you have been reading long, most of you know, I'm trying to find "balance" in my life. (Whatever that means.) One thing I struggle with constantly is not giving my daughter GA enough time. Yesterday was her first day of Junior High she was so stressed I decided to sign up as a parent volunteer for the first day. This meant a lot of juggling because I had to find somewhere for G to stay... he ended up going to work with the Hubbo and had his fill of Star Wars video games....

Anyhow, I was glad I went. I kept an eye out for GA. She started to get lost, along w/ several other 6th graders, so I had the pleasure of intercepting them and leading them straight to the sixth grade PE teacher. Don't worry I was cool, I told them all I've been helping kids find PE all day, which was true.

At lunch GA sat down and was all alone. She looked so sad. I told one of my new lunch lady friends, "look at my daughter." I probably looked like a wreak because I felt like so sad for her. Anyhow, long story short the lunch lady asked if she knew anyone, and then found the only girl GA knows at the school. They sat together and talked and GA brightened up right away.

I know GA is growing up and there are less and less opportunities for me to be there for her. I want to be there but not suffocate her. Oh this is going to be a hard balancing act! I'm glad the first day turned out well.


The Glasers said...

I was wondering if the picture was of you or GA? :-P

How awesome that you had the opportunity to be there for her without smothering her!!!!

FXSmom said...

That is one funny pic. Hope the rest of the school year goes well :)