Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Getting Ready for School

We use the Time Timer to help my son stay on task when he is getting ready.
Time Timer

School is starting and we are going to work on independence.  We are going to use a time timer to help G keep track of time visually.  He will have 30 minutes to get ready.   The visual of the red disc smaller is starting to help him stay on task.  Of course it helps that red is is favorite color!

I also found a really cool I Can Get Ready for School Chart.  It is really sturdy, and it was only $10.00.  What I like is its simple one side says need to do - the other side says completed.  So G can choose the order he wants to go through to get ready for school.  As he finishes each task like getting dressed, brushing teeth he can just move it over to the completed side.  When he is all done he gets a star for the day.  We will celebrate when he gets five stars.

This is the I Can Get Ready for School Chart we will use to help my son become more independent.
I Can Do It! School Chart

I'm getting ready for my second year of homes chool. I'm excited because I feel confident in adapting materials so G can understand them better.

This year I'm really looking forward to American History focusing on 1900-Present. I'm excited because I have found lots of videos through our library system that I will use to supplement the curriculum.

GA is starting Junior High next week. I can't believe my baby girl is going to Junior High. She has recently taken a more proactive role in her appearance which is good. I had let myself go and realized I was setting the example for GA. So I have made a point of doing my hair, applying a little make up and wearing clothes that are neat and clean. (Evil depression you won't get the best of me!!!) I have also made a point of helping GA try new hair styles and complimenting her on her appearance. I'm constantly pushing down the guilt w/ GA. So much energy goes into G I often find myself with not much left to give her. Balance, its that balance thing again. As soon as someone figures out how to balance their life, please let me know the secret.


Casdok said...

And me!

Am glad you are excited and feel confident.
Hope all goes well.

Bonnie D. said...

Wait! I know how to balance life!...Nevermind, I forget, I had so many other things in my head! Ha ha! Anyway, sounds like you are doing a great thing for your daughter, and I am finding more and more that it really does make me feel better to keep my looks up somewhat. I am so not a girly girl and can go for days without makeup. It's pretty bad when people actually comment "I've never seen you out of a ponytail before!"...Good luck with homeschooling, I envy you.

The Glasers said...

Good luck with your back to school stuff next week.

I will not say my life is balanced, but homeschooling both children has allowed me to spend quality time with David, too. I am not sure how it would have worked if he had gone to school.

David has worked off and on all summer (he is a junior now and I just want to make sure we leave nothing undone)! Pamela took a real break, but she has been so diligent this week. She loves swiping off what she has accomplished on the schedule with a highlighter! She must have my dh's thrill of completing a to-do list!

Kajoli said...

wow I really admire you for homeschooling !!!

FXSmom said...

Good luck with your school year. Let me know how praise goes with GA. With Rachel I'm really struggling. She is only 9 but I'm trying to get in there early. I looked at her hair this morning and it is so broken and frazzled. She rips the brush through it and it is a mixture of straight, wavy and kinky curls. I need tips :)

Nikowa said...

Hi Bonnie! You've won the Your Boy book! I've emailed you & haven't heard from you (busy, I'm sure).

Please get back with me to claim your prize.

Natalie said...

I find balance is constantly changing. The only think that keeps mean close to balanced is staying connected to Jesus, praying, talking to my hubby. I know sounds simple but I truely think we make it more difficult.... Just my own daily reminders.
I love you bonnie. Your heart is open.. that is always the 1st step. Then He brings us peace and fills us up to go out and do his work that he has already prepared for us to do... so that ending in he already knows our schedule we just need to choose which list is more important!! Just thinking out loud. Your doing a great job. You give more to your kids then you realize. WE moms have to not be so hard on ourselves!!