Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Coffee Mmmm Mmmm Good

It has been awhile since I posted on one of my favorite pass times - coffee. I became a coffee snob in the early nineties when I was first introduced to Peet's Coffee. I soon had a Mocha habit that lasted up until a few weeks before I became pregnant. When I lived briefly in Mississippi, there was little to no access to good coffee. We only had one coffee shop south of Memphis that had access to a great Sumatra.

Anyhow, most recently I have been drinking Peet's Arabian Mocha-Java. It has chocolaty overtones that are just excellent. However, my next purchase will not be from Peet's, but from Saint's coffee. My friend Katherine introduced me to this company. One pound of coffee from this company will feed an orphan for a month. So it sounds good. I can enjoy my coffee and help someone less fortunate than myself. I plan to purchase soon, as soon as I do I'll let everyone know how it tastes.

On a happy note, G wrote an essay today. Something about his sentences are quirky, not quite correct, but it was very readable and there was no meltdown. I plan to bring it to his SLP next week. She is great, we are working on pragmatics and reading comprehension. She has some good ideas that look like they can help G.

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