Saturday, June 23, 2007

A Full Circle

I had such a great unexpected surprise today. I ran into a woman I had met a couple of years ago named Jihee. We met after her daughter was diagnosed with autism. I e-mailed her husband and helped them with what I could. Anyhow she thanked me again and said, "there is no way we can repay you, so we are just trying to help other parents." After she said that I immediately thought of Dawn Heider & Sharon Daugherty. I myself could never repay Dawn & Sharon for all of the help and encouragement they gave me. When we as parents share what we know, encourage each other and reach out for help we all become stronger and our kids are better for it. Hooray for Jihee and John (her husband)! God bless you both! :-D
Coffee I am currently enjoying: Starbucks decaf blend.

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