Saturday, June 2, 2007

I'm Dead

I am starting a sabbatical. Tomorrow they will announce at Fair Oaks (the church I work at) that I'm taking the summer off. I'm one month out from surgery and I'm dead physically, emotionally and spiritually. It seems like lately all I feel like doing is drinking coffee and looking at the trees in my backyard.

Speaking of trees in my backyard a few months ago my son G (HFA: High Functioning Autism) decided to peel off a section of bark around the trunk of a tree because he heard the tree would die. Well the tree has been fine up until a couple of weeks ago. Now all of the leaves are dying and the limbs are wilted. The tree apparently has slowly been dying but none of us realized it up until now. I feel like that tree, and all I can do is just lay low and hope all of my branches don't fall off and wither.

Coffee I am currently enjoying: Starbucks Decaf House Blend


G-Dub said...

Hooray for your blog, Bonnie! I'm so glad you're going to have an outlet for your thoughts and for processing the things God is showing you!

We're lucky to have such compelling reading material.

Go get 'em!

Katherine said...

Hi Bonnie!

Welcome to the blogosphere... you're off to a great start! I look forward to the many 'explorations' to come... thanks for sharing your journey with us!

Love ya,

Katherine =)