Thursday, June 21, 2007

Meeting at Peets

I love Peets coffee! I met Debbie there today and it was great. Debbie's starting the special needs journey and its hard, starting out is always hard. But I could see that she is well on her way! Go Debbie Go, if you read this I'm rooting and praying for you and D! I am amazed at how early kids are being diagnosed with Autism disorders, like D was before the age of two. When we started out it took almost a year for a diagnosis.

OK on to coffee I had a delightful Vanilla Latte from Peets. It was so yummy good! However, there was so much vanilla in it who knows what kind of bean they used. The furthest I usually go with any coffee drink is a Latte because then I can taste other notes say nutty or fruity. Plus it is less calories (I can feel my rear expanding from all the sugar as I type!)

Three more weeks until I speak at the ASA conference if you're going look for me!

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